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What to Wear to your Engagement Session | 5 Tips you do not want to miss

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Engagement Session Outfit Ideas from Washington DC Wedding Photographer

Planning your engagement session should be fun and not stressful! Once you’ve picked the perfect location, it’s time to decide what to wear. Your engagement session outfits should reflect your personality and place, but sometimes it can be one of the most challenging parts of the process.

Why are your engagement photographs important?

Your engagement portraits are often your guests’ first impressions of your wedding day. As a result, they will be used on your save-the-dates, on display at your engagement party, at your rehearsal dinner, and likely at your wedding too! Not to mention they will also be displayed on the walls of your home.

The best piece of advice for deciding what to wear to your engagement session:

Take a moment to stop and think, what would you wear if you were a attending your own wedding as a guest?

This advice is an excellent lens through which to think about your outfits. You probably already have a few ideas running through your mind (if not, keep reading!)

Choosing the perfect outfit is more than just picking out your favorite clothes from the closet. It’s about showing off the vibe you want for your entire celebration. To find an outfit you love that makes you feel excellent because if you love how you look, you’ll love your final images. 

What to wear for engagement photos outdoors

When choosing an outfit for your session, the second best piece of advice I have for you:

There is no such thing as being too dressed up for your engagement session.

This goes hand in hand with the first piece of advice – think about something which you would wear if you were attending your wedding as a guest! There is no such thing as being too dressed for your engagement session. Do you have that fantastic gown you brought for a friend’s wedding or gala- but have not had a chance to wear since? Here is your opportunity, and consider this permission to wear it!

This brings us to my third piece of advice for your preparing for your engagement session:

Choose an outfit that you feel confident in.

If you feel confident in how you look in an outfit, you will love how you look in the photographs. This also means dressing to flatter your features which you feel confident about.

Invest in treating yourself to professional Hair and Make-up.

Since you are getting all dressed up, do not forget to complete the look with professional hair and makeup! Professional cameras capture more detail than your average camera- you probably need more makeup than you would regularly apply. A professional will know how to use makeup so that you look your best (and it will last throughout the session!) Do not forget about your nails too!

For the groom, do not forget to trim your hair (and facial hair) before the engagement session.

The last thing you want to do the night before your session is frantically searched through Georgetown or your local mall, desperately searching for an outfit and *hoping* you find something which works.

Do not procrastinate in putting together your outfits for your engagement session. This is easily the most common mistake I see couples make when preparing for their session. They wait too long to pull together the outfits for their session, or it gets lost in the mail.

Start pulling your outfits together NOW, and aim to have both completed looks 1-2 weeks before your session. This will give you enough wiggle room for lost packages and finding replacements if a garment does not work out.


Where should you shop for engagement photo dresses?

For the ladies, there are many options to find the perfect look for your session. ASOS, Morning Lavender, Lulus, and Anthropology have all been beautiful resources for clients in the past. Rent the Runway is also a great option- and they have a location in Georgetown where you can even try on looks in person! Looking for more inspiration on what women should wear for an engagement session? See this blog post.

When it comes to the guys, consider renting a suit or pulling out your favorite looks to compliment your soon-to-be spouse. Longs sleeve button-up shirts are the perfect base- and consider accenting it with a tie, sweater, or jacket. More information on what to wear for engagement photos male can be found here.

For more inspiration, I have put together a Pinterest board for you, full of more ideas and inspiration for your look.

The most important thing is that you feel confident in how you look so that you love your images. This is meant to be a fun session to celeb ate this chapter in your life together!

If you are having trouble choosing an outfit- or want a professional’s opinion, my inbox is open. I am here to help.

PS. Find inspiration in these DC engagement sesions, too!


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