March 10, 2020

Summer Annapolis Maryland Engagement Session: Deanna and Nikolai

Deanna and Nikolai met several years ago, while they were both living in Florida and Deanna was a student at Barry University in Miami Florida. They were friends for a few years, before they finally started dating in 2014, but at the time they were living in different sections of Florida, so they had to date long distance. That did not stop them though! They face-timed each other every single night before bed, till they finally moved to Tampa together in 2016!

Deanna’s grew up in the DC area, which is why they came back to the DC area to become husband and wife! They happened to be visiting in June for Jessie and Josh’s wedding, which also happened to be the perfect time to do their engagement session. We met up on the campus of a local college for their session, and were treated to one of the most spectacular sunsets to end their session!

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