An incurable optimist & hopeless romantic with an insatiable sweet-tooth

Meet Alex


Washington DC Wedding Photographer

An incurable optimist & hopeless romantic with an insatiable sweet tooth

Meet Alex

An incurable optimist & hopeless romantic with an insatiable Sweet-tooth

That's me! My camera, my eye for capturing your unique love, and my dedication to preserving your story for future generations work together to help you claim your legacy.

Picture this: Fifty years from today, your granddaughter asks to see photographs from your wedding day. So you gently slide your wedding album across the coffee table, and begin to flip through it together, cuddled up on the couch. 

As you turn the pages, the memories come flooding back - allowing you to effortlessly share stories of the day with her.

THIS is why I believe that every couple should not only have a photographer who cares deeply about the quality of the photos that are captured on the actual wedding day, but who also cares enough to ensure they’re preserved for future generations

I am the photographer who’s on a mission to deliver both. 

Meet Alex

Washington DC Wedding Photographer

As time passed, I decided to pursue a degree in elementary education because I thought it was more a dream than a real career. Photography had a way of finding it's way back to me, and  I had the opportunity to photograph my first wedding as a Junior in College- and I was hooked. I realized my calling was in not in the classroom, but in documenting history and capturing images for future generations to cherish. 

It has been 6 years since that first wedding, As you can see, photography became a focal point in my life and career, and my heart for couples and their legacy in the making only continues to strengthen every year.

I moved to Washington DC in 2021. When not documenting love stories or adding stamps to my passport, you can find me exploring the city on my bike and fully enjoying life in the city. 

When all of the other kids in the class wanted to be astronauts when they grew up- I knew I wanted to be a photographer

My name is Alexandra (but most people call me Alex.) I’m from the beautiful, bayside town of Annapolis, Maryland and now live in the heart of Washington, D.C.

Don’t ask me why, but even from a young age, I have been obsessed with two things: stories about the past, and my camera. My camera was never far away growing up, as I was fascinated with how photographs deepened the experience of a memory and further told a meaningful story. 

So . . . 

how did I get here?

Meet our miniature dachshund's-  Oscar Meyer and Toby Finn 

A Legacy of Love

the Kent pearls

   Worn by over 7 generations of brides in our family. They represent more than 150 years of love and have inspired the work I get to share with you today. 

 My clients’ stories will forever be preserved in an heirloom album, to stand the test of time.

To create Timeless heirlooms

As your photographer, I make being in front of the camera EASY and comfortable. I believe it can and should be FUN.

To make it EASY

Photography is not one size fits all. I get to the heart behind the day, which allows me to AUTHENTICALLY tell your story. 

To value your story

Behind the business

The heartbeat

There is nothing which a glass of wine or a well-organized Google spreadsheet cannot solve.

I am a strong believer that

Go navy beat army

I am a strong believer that

My family are fifth Generation naval Aviators, so you could say this friendly rivalry runs in the family

Go navy beat army

I am a strong believer that

My family are fifth Generation naval Aviators, so you could say this friendly rivalry runs in the family


There is nothing in which a glass of wine or a well-organized Google spreadsheet cannot solve.

An Insatiable sweet-tooth 

I will never say no to a slice of cake or XYZ

Kirstie and zach

GO NAVY, Beat Army

My family are fifth generation Naval Aviators- so you could say that this friendly rivarly runs in the family

Fast Facts &

Life Experiences

A College Athlete 

While in College, I was on our Varsity Sailing Team. On the team I learned to adapt quickly to rapidly changing situations, communicate quickly and maintain calm under pressure. 

Sense of Adventure 

After graduation, I spent several weeks traveling the United Kingdom. The days were spent exploring tiny villages, historic castles, and palace gardens. Fully immersed in the culture and history. Fueled by a sense of adventure, and Cadbury chocolate- not much has changed!

An annapolis native 

I started this business living in the heart of downtown Annapolis. Although I live in DC now, my love of sailboats and history still appears in my work.

My FAvorite Place

I love Washington DC, but part of my heart will always be on the eastern shore. Exploring the quaint little bayside towns is the perfect getaway when I need a break from the city.

One of my favorie parts of this job is traveling the world to document my couples love stories. I would love to talk more about my special rate for destination weddings.  

Passport ready

"Her joy and sense of humor is infectious. 

You cannot help but have fun when she is taking your picture"

"Her sense of humor and flexibility made her a calming presence on our wedding day and was so easy to work with" 

We support the National Park Foundation. is dedicated to protecting, and restoring our national parks and their legacy for future generations.

Giving Back

We support Compassion International- a Christian Nonprofit dedicated to lifting children around the world of out of poverty through access to clean drinking water, health care & educational opportunities. 

 I am a firm believer that businesses should make a difference in our city, in our country, and across the globe. 

We are thrilled to support Marthas Table-  a nonprofit based right here in DC. They are on a mission to ensure that everyone in the District has access to Healthy Food, Educational Program, and Mental Health resources. 


taking a stand against hunger in our city

COMBATing Global Poverty

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