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Sarah and Ian’s Catholic wedding in Washington DC was incredibly inspiring. It also drew a modern-day parallel to the style of Jackie Kennedy. 

Sarah and Ian met years ago, on a blind date. They were set up with one another by a group of mutual friends. Friends who just so happened to think they might hit it off. As it turns out, their friends were right. Sarah and Ian connected almost immediately and shared a mutual love of family and Nantucket-style traditions. They are also both rooted deeply in their faith. Which, of course, played a part in their beautifully elegant wedding day in Washington DC.

When I connected with Sarah and Ian, I was surprised at how many elements of their lives were parallel to mine. Ian has enjoyed a career as a Naval helicopter pilot, which is the same position my sibling holds. In fact, many members of Ian’s groomsmen were friends from his days at the Naval Academy. Next, I learned that Sarah was a ZTA (just like me). Her bridal party was comprised of her childhood friends and sorority sisters from FSU. 

Not only did I share these incredible common denominators with Sarah and Ian, but I was also delighted to connect with them over our mutual love of tradition and heritage. Two key aspects that I knew would play a vital role in their Catholic wedding in Washington DC. A wedding is about two people coming together in marriage, of course. But it’s also about carrying on the legacy of your family from past generations and having something to share with the generations to come. Having such a beautiful conversation about this aspect of weddings with Sarah and Ian, filled me with joy at the thought of the arrival of their wedding day.

Sarah and Ian’s Catholic Wedding in Washington DC

Sarah and Ian’s wedding was to take place at the Basilica of St. Mary. However, before they were to meet at the altar, I began the day by photographing their getting-ready moments. Upon arrival, Sarah and her bridesmaids were all dressed in matching PJs before helping the bride slip into her gown. When you lay eyes on Sarah’s gown, you’ll understand the Jackie Kennedy reference. The long-sleeved bridal gown was incredibly demure and covered with the most exquisite intricate lace. A lace-lined veil was affixed to Sarah’s sleek bridal bun. It covered her face for her walk down the aisle, escorted by her father.

The Basilica of Saint Mary where Sarah and Ian were joined in marriage was founded in 1795. Additionally, it is the first Catholic parish in the Commonwealth of Virginia and West Virginia. In fact, it was George Washington who made the first contribution for the creation of a Catholic parish in Virginia in the late 1700s. The church was built in 1795 and still stands today as a beautifully historic piece of architecture where couples are wed. Knowing how much a love of history and tradition played such a role in Sarah and Ian’s wedding day, I couldn’t imagine them being married elsewhere. You can see all the details of Sarah and Ian’s Catholic wedding in Washington DC, along with their wedding day portraits in Georgetown, through the photos below.


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