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What to Pack in Your Wedding Day Bag

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Tips for A Stress-Free Wedding Day from DMV Wedding Photographer

After 7 years, and well over 150 weddings, you could say that I have seen a thing or two on wedding days. From personal emergencies to little hacks, I’ve seen it all and want to share it with you. When you’re packing up your bag for your wedding suite, I’ve got a few things you’ll want to make sure you pack in your wedding day bag!  

bride poses in window of bridal suite in Washington DC

A crochet hook:

This tool is perfect for doing up the little buttons on the back of your dress. It will make getting dressed easier all morning long! 

Double-sided tape:

Some call it “boob tape”, but it’s perfect for helping to keep dresses where they are supposed to be. 

bride smiles at mother during prep for DC wedding


Advil, tylenol, dayquil, and band-aids are always a good idea. You never know who might need what before you walk down the aisle. 

Needle and Thread:

It is ALWAYS a good idea to bring these to the bridal suite. You will need thread in two colors: one in white and one the color of your bridesmaid gowns. 

bride's bright pink shoes for DC wedding day

Shout Wipes:

This is a tip I picked up from my Navy brides! They’re practically magic at getting stains out of white fabric. You can order a box on amazon, and toss the ones you don’t use in your purse. I carry them everywhere with me!


The single thing I see people looking for the most in the bridal suite are scissors! Trust me. You’ll need them for cutting those pesky extra steps off of dresses, and tags off of hair pieces without worrying about ripping it. This is the most important thing on this list!

What to Pack in Your Wedding Day Bag: tips for a stress-free wedding day from DMV wedding photographer Alexandra Kent Photography

Breath Mints:

No one wants stinky breath. That’s all there is to it. 

Eyelash Glue:

Eyelash glue serves so many purposes. Beyond just eyelashes, gluing down pres on nails or holding a necklace down are great uses of this glue! 

What to Pack in Your Wedding Day Bag: tips for a stress-free wedding day from DMV wedding photographer Alexandra Kent Photography

There you have it! Your wedding day emergency kit will be all ready to go now. Bring one for yourself, your bridesmaids, or gift one to the ladies in your life. Wedding days can be super unpredictable, but with a little planning – you’ll feel more in control and have a stress-free celebration.

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