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Nevis & Saint Kitts West Indies | Will and Marua’s Wedding Week

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At the start of this month, we were finally to pack our bags and passports to travel to Nevis for Maura and William’s wedding week. After a few flights, a taxi, and a short boat ride, we were FINALLY at our home for the week- the Hermitage. Located on the island of Nevis in the West Indies, the resort was founded by William’s Grandfather in the 1980s and is a hidden gem of the Caribbean. The historic main building was built in the 1600s but remains in vibrant daily use thanks to the strength of the lignum vitae aka ironwood used in construction.
At 35 square miles, the island is roughly one-half the size of Washington DC and has a population of 10,000. It is the type of place with a grand total of four stop signs, and most traffic jams are caused by either A-Goats, B-Donkeys, or C- Both.

What brought William and Maura to this remote island in the Caribbean for their wedding?? William’s grandfather “Pop” was sent to the Caribbean for work in the 1970s. The family spent years moving between islands before falling in love with Nevis and purchasing The Hermitage. At the time, it was a single wooden structure surrounded by brush at the edge of the rainforest. After years of creative vision and hard work, the family set down roots and open their home to welcome other adventurous travelers.
Today the property is dotted with colorful cottages built in the style of traditional West Indian architecture, nestled on the edge of the rainforest.

The Lupinacci family are natural hosts with a deep love for the island. Many of them were raised on the island and their enthusiasm for the island and her people is infectious. They light up when sharing the island; it cannot help but make you love it, too.

Nevis Island Wedding

Breakfast each morning included local specialties like pumpkin or plantain pancakes and coconut topped french toast.

It was a high priority for William and Maura to spend real, meaningful time with their friends and family. Mornings were spent exploring the island at the guest’s leisure. In addition to relaxing at the beach, guests spent lunch in the ruins of a sugar mill, riding horses on the beach, or climbing to the top of the volcano. Each afternoon, we would gather for an authentic, one-of-a-kind West Caribbean experience.
On Monday, William and the rest of the men headed down to the beach for a bachelor party. Meanwhile, Maura and the women had a bachelorette party by the Hermitage pool. Warmed by sun, we played some games and enjoyed time getting to know one another.

After their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties, everyone met on a nearby beach for sunset.

After their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties, everyone met on a near by beach for sunset

Later that week, we embarked on a sailboat trip to neighboring Saint Kitts, treating us all to stunning views of the Nevis and lots of snorkeling. The coral reefs were teeming with colorful fish, turtles, stingrays, and other wildlife.

After rehearsing the Ceremony at Cottle church, it was time for the rehearsal dinner. It all took place at the Hermitage where we were treated to Authentic West Indian entertainment. Moco-Jumbos (men on silts), a string band, and Masquerade dancers, all under the mango tree in the central courtyard

Pop, surrounded by many of the members of the Lupinacci Family on the front stops of the original building

Stay tuned later this week for Maura and William’s Wedding Day on the blog!

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