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Selecting your wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions that every couple makes when planning their wedding. It is right up there with choosing a venue and selecting your planner. When it comes to choosing your photographer, there is a lot to consider.

When it comes to choosing your photographer, it can be easy to get lost scrolling through all of the pretty pictures.

  Although pretty pictures are important, you DO NOT make the mistake of hiring your wedding photographer based just off of image quality alone! There is so much more that goes into choosing a wedding photographer than just pretty pictures.

I was recently talking to a bride who was looking for a new photographer for their 2021 wedding. She and her groom had a small intimate wedding in 2020 with just their immediate families. They had found a photographer online with a good portfolio, and hired him to photograph their wedding.

When the final gallery are delivered, the images are disappointing. As the bride and groom look at their photographs from that otherwise extremely happy day, the first thing that comes to their minds is how they were feeling when the photos were taken.

When we look at photographs of ourselves, we experience the same emotions we  felt at the time the photos were taken. For this couple, when they look at their wedding photographs, they experience frustration, stress, and disappointment. I feel like another sentence goes here, but I don’t know what to put!!!

Dc wedding photographer

Luckily for this bride and groom, they are having a bigger post-pandemic wedding this Fall. For this big wedding, they did not want to make the same mistake again. They invested in a photographer who they are excited to work with to redo their images.

  For the vast majority of couples, you only get one shot at your wedding day: there are no redos. Your wedding day is once in a lifetime. 

When you look back on your wedding photographs, what do you want to be thinking about? You do not want to be thinking about how uncomfortable you were in front of their camera, the moments that they missed, or how stressful family portraits were?

Or do you want to be reliving those key moments of the happiest day of your life?

That moment you saw each-other the first time; that nervous last squeeze of your fathers hand as he walks you down the aisle; being in the center of the dance floor, surrounded by your bridesmaids, dancing your heart out to Beyonce.

THIS is why it is so important to know what to look for when investing in your wedding photographer. A great wedding photographer is so much more than just someone shows up and takes photographs on your wedding day. A great wedding photographer is able to capture those emotions on your wedding day.

A photographer should be someone you connect with and whom you are excited to work with. They will be by your side from the last touch ups of hair and makeup, all the way through to your last dance. A great wedding photographer will be your biggest cheerleader and someone you can rely on to 

When it comes to selecting the right photographer to invest in for your wedding day, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Over the next few weeks we will walk through everything you need to know before you book the photographer!

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