April 27, 2021

Ali & Aidan ~ Washington College Proposal

Two years ago, almost to the day Ali and Aidan went on their very first date together. She was a College Student at Washington College. They met in Downtown and went for a walk along the historic waterfront, taking in the views of the bay. It was only appropriate that, just a few days before their anniversary, that they returned place where it all began for their proposal.

Ali thought she was coming to Chestertown for a picnic by the water with her friend Kaitlynn. Little did she know, that Kaitlyn and Aidan had another plan in mind! For months, Kaitlynn and Aidan had been concocting a plan on weekly phone calls to get Ali back to Chestertown, without Ali becoming suspicious.

I was nearby pretending to be a bird watcher, and fending off questions from a perplexed family. They where puzzled what I was doing since there very CLEARLY was not single bird in sight. ( I was just praying that nobody was listening as this 5 year old poked every possible hole in my cover story.)

Meanwhile, Ali and Kaitlynn were taking pictures and enjoying their charcuterie board, when Kaitlynn got up to take an ‘important phone call’. Telling Ali that she might be gone for a while, Ali picked up her phone to check social media. Meanwhile, Aidan started walking down to the dock. He was supposed to be spending the weekend at his golf tournament.

At first Ali was surprised, then she realized what was happening!

As he slipped the ring on to her finger, a cheer went up from across the water. Their families had been eagerly watching the proposal from a near by dock!

While their families went to get a table for dinner, we retraced the steps of their very first date- taking a few engagment portraits!

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