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3 Must Have Tips for Rain on Your Wedding Day

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Picture this. The sun is shinning, you are checking off the last few items on your wedding planning to do list, getting ready to walk down the aisle in just a few days. You have spent months planning for this, and it is finally all starting to come together. You have envisioned having beautiful weather on your wedding day.

There’s just one problem: Nature doesn’t play by our rules.

And even though you did everything you could, painstakingly researching long, mid and short-term weather forecasts to find the date when, according to all sources, the skies would be clear (literally and figuratively) for your dream outdoor wedding …







And if even reading those words sends shivers of terror down your spine, you need to hear this. Because, I hate to say it- it might rain.

You might be thinking “Alex, it CAN’T rain on my wedding. The day will be ruined!”

I knowwwww. I feel your pain,

But I’m saying this because I have your back.

(… And because there really IS a chance it might rain on your parade wedding day.)

Besides, it’s not all gloomy clouds during rainy weddings.

   Fun fact: Some of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever captured have been taken while it’s raining!

And there’s plenty you can do NOW to make a huge difference LATER if it does end up raining.

What happens if it rains on your wedding day?

How to handle rain on your wedding day:

Step one: Pick a venue with a rain plan

A rain plan is, basically, your venue’s plan B. It’s a, “Okay, so our balcony isn’t under cover, but *these* (just as beautiful) areas are and they’re on hold should the weather change”. It’s your protection against ruined wedding day plans, and your savior against weather stress!

Step two: Trust your vendors

You’re clever and you’ve (very wisely – go you 😉) chosen wonderful wedding professionals who have prioritized making your day the very best it can be. Trust in them. Keep in mind to that rain is something that every wedding professional has dealt with and is prepared for.

We’ll take care of you.

Step three: Stay calm and be flexible

Plans might change. Things might have to be moved. And all this might mean your wedding day might not look EXACTLY how you envisioned it. But sometimes the most special moments and situations are born out of spontaneity – and if you can go with the flow (or the rain 😉) you’ll open yourself up to having a truly unique and memorable day.

Worried about rain ruining your wedding photography?

Above all, this is one of the most IMPORTANT things to ask when you’re selecting a photographer. You need to be able to trust that they have a plan if it rains. Rain is something that all wedding vendors deal with- and photography is no different!

And if you’re considering me … do not worry, because I am your rain-battling sidekick!

Seriously though – I’ve got you.

I carry a full rainy day battle kit in the back of my car (with clear umbrellas, shower curtains (for under your dress) and rainboots), and as a result, can go to superhero lengths to get the outdoor portraits that you want if possible.

Sometimes this will mean keeping my eyeballs out for a covered porch as a plan B, and other times it will mean watching the radar to spot a gap in the rain so we can sneak out and capture some magic.

In any case, the sunny side of a rainy wedding day is that after it gets dark the rain adds an extra special magic to some AMAZING night portraits.

In conclusion: Rainy days really do have their own special beauty that they bring to your wedding day!

This post is an excerpt from my Wedding Planning series. For more helpful tips and tricks for planning a stress free wedding day, join the series here.

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