October 15, 2020

Linganore Winery Wedding: Alex and Allison

   If there is one thing that we have all learned this year, it is that no matter how much we plan- 2020 has a way of throwing us a curve ball. This year I have had the honor of photographing so many beautiful intimate weddings of couples who have had to modify their wedding plans.

   One of the beautiful things about the pandemic? The traditional rulebook for wedding planning has been thrown out the window (ok, some rules.) Giving couples the freedom to be really intentional with their wedding day- and make it what ever they want! 

     You many remember Alex and Alison’s  surprise proposal from last year- or their sweetheart session from a few years ago! I have known Alex and Allison for years- so when she asked me to photograph their micro wedding,  I was over the moon excited.

Their original wedding date was early May, then postponed to September (back in the days when we all thought that this would be over in a few months LOL.) It became pretty clear to all of us early this summer that COVID 19 was NOT going to be going away anytime soon. They decided to change their plans to a beautiful intimate Linganore Winery Wedding surrounded by their immediate family members. 

   On a Thursday afternoon in late July, Allison got ready at their home. Her mother and sister helped her into her stunning blush Essence of Australia wedding dress. We then all piled into my car, and headed to the winery to meet Alex and their dog Maggie for their first look before their Linganore Winery Wedding! 

    Soon afterward, in a ceremony attended by their immediate family and a few grandparents.  Sheltered from the summer sun under a covered pavilion, Alex and Allison finally became husband and wife and a BEAUTIFUL ceremony. 

  It was a wonderful relaxed day- which is exactly what was needed despite a stressful year. After their Linganore Winery Wedding, we did portraits around the vineyard- then heading back to Alex and Allisons house for a family-style dinner. 

  To Alex and Allison: Thank you thank you thank you for having me!!! I am SO EXCITED for both of you, and cannot wait for your reception when we are all able to celebrate together again! 

linganore winery elopement

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linganore winery wedding
linganore winery wedding
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linganore winery wedding
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linganore winery wedding
linganore winery wedding
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linganore winery wedding
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