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WE MADE IT! Eight weeks of quarantine, and we are still here!

  After the last few weeks, I think we all deserve a very large, very expensive glass bottle of wine. 

Seriously.   Planning a wedding, is stressful enough on its own, without adding in a global pandemic. This is not how any of us intended to spend the spring, but it is outside of our control, so all we can do is adapt to it.

At this time, we have not received any guidance from our state government that we will not be able to resume weddings come late summer and into the fall.  HOWEVER this situation is evolving. My goal in this post is not to create anxiety or stress, but to equip you with the best information that I can, as we navigate preparing for your wedding in this crazy world.

  Before we jump into talking about weddings, I have two updates other updates

  • Spring 2020 brides, You guys are AMAZING- I know this has been a very stressful few month, but I wanted to thank you for being so flexible and for adapting so well to this situation. My hope is that we will be able to move forward with your new date, especially if it is Fall 2020. 
  • ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS. Are back on! Sessions are typically booked about 2 months out, so the sooner we can select your date the better! As I am sure you are aware, Governor Hogan has issued an order restricting activity for non essential businesses. This includes photography. In order to abide by state law, all sessions have been placed on hold. Once our governor issues an update about moving to phase one. HOPEFULLY this means that we will be able to begin shooting again as long as we follow all appropriate social distancing guidelines. Ultimately wether we are able to start shooting again depends on the exact wording of the announcement. Once more information becomes available, I will keep you updated! 

Univeristy and Whist Club wedding

   At this time our state government has given us little guidance about whether we will be able to gather again this summer and in the fall for your weddings. We are ALL praying that we will be able to, and resume some version of normal life. However, because this situation is in uncharted waters, I wanted to provide you with ALL the information so that you can make the best possible decision for your wedding day.  Like I stated above, this is not meant to cause any stress or anxiety.

   This situation is far from desirable for anyone, but especially for those who are planning a wedding. It has no doubt led to some extremely stressful conversations and will lead to tough decisions. Things have been changing quickly, and there is no doubt that they will continue to change in the coming months. This is outside any of our control, so the only thing we can do is take it one day at a time. 

    Some of you have made the difficult decision to postpone your date to 2021. If this is you, and we have not yet selected a new date yet, please reach out to me as soon as possible so that we can reserve a new date for you. 

   Others have decided to maintain your current date, or wait until we have more information. The government has provided little information on when to expect a transition into phase one, or subsequent phases. HOPEFULLY by the time fall rolls around, we will be able to resume holding weddings and gathering together. 

      I have also had an increasing number of my spring 2020 brides inquire about holding a smaller, elopement style ceremony soon, followed by a bigger wedding with all of their friends and family when we are able to gather together again. If this is something you are considering, please reach out so we can work together on coming up with a new plan.

  No matter what you decide to do, I am on your team and want to support you in any way I can. These are are hard times, but we are all in this together. 

Maddy and Steven-617

SHOULD YOU DECIDE TO RESCHEDULE YOUR DATE:  In your contract (which can be found in your bride portal) it states that normally in the event that a wedding is rescheduled, it must be rescheduled to within the same calendar year or the retailer is forfeited. HOWEVER these circumstances are anything but normal. Given the circumstances, in order to provide maximum flexibility and to relieve some stress, all 2020 brides will be able to reschedule to an available date 2021. 

SELECTING YOUR DATE: One of the most daunting tasks for rescheduling your wedding is finding a date which works for all of your vendors and key guests. This can seem pretty overwhelming.  While I wish I could wave a magic wand and find the perfect date that works for everyone, it is outside my control.

   I CAN however help you a little when it comes to your photographer. 

  In an effort to provide you full transparency and maximum flexibility in rescheduling, I have put together a list for you with all 2021 dates that are booked and therefor unavailable. 

May 14

May 22 

         May 29

June 5

June 11, 12

          June 19

June 26 

          July 16

July 23, 24

August 6

September 25

October 1, 2

         October 9

         October 23

November 5

December 27

December 31

(updated November 2020)    

    These dates are all booked, and therefore unavailable. I will do my best to keep this list updated within 24 hours of a contract being signed.

Dates marked with a ** are possible back up date for a 2020 bride, but is waiting confirmation with other vendors

MAKING IT OFFICIAL: When you are ready to reserve your new date, please send me an email with your new date, and any other information regarding your wedding day that has changed. I will put together an official date change subcontract, and send it over for your signature. Once it is signed, your date is officially changed. Easy-peasy

 Should you need ANYTHING- whether it is help finding new vendors, a wedding planning question, or just someone to talk to because you are tired of talking to the same people who you are quarantined with, please please please reach out. We might be isolated, but not alone. We are all in this together. This is a tough situation, but we ARE going to get through it. Someday soon we will be able to celebrate together again, and I cannot wait. 

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