February 7, 2020

Surprise Backyard Proposal: Chris and Val

Valeri had spent the day with her mom and sisters having a spa day for her Mom’s Birthday. Meanwhile Chris transformed their backyard in the perfect setting for the big proposal that night at dusk! Bistro lights were strung up across the back yard, a ballon display was set up, and the band arrived to get ready. There were two potted trees of the perfect height for me to hide behind, which we strategically placed so I could capture the whole thing.

The main floor of their house was buzzing with excitement, as everyone arrived and filled the upstairs. Chris had and Valeri met on tinder back in 2016, and it was pretty inevitable from early on that the two of them were meant to be.

After their spa day, Valeri came by the house with her mom and sisters to ‘pick up Chris’ so that they could all go out to dinner to celebrate Valeries Mothers birthday. Chris went out front to meet them, and took her hand has he guided her to the back yard. and the band started playing. He got down on one knee, she said yes. Through the windows of the main floor you could hear a roar of cheer, shouts, and claps of all their friends and family who were looking on- much to Valeries shock.

The band started playing again, and the back yard was filled with a flood of people from upstairs- all ready to congratulate the newly engaged couple.

Ring: Do Amore

Band: Hedera

Baltimore Proposal

Baltimore EngagmentBaltimore Proposal

   The look on Valerie’s Moms face, pretty much saids it all ❤️

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