February 22, 2019

Surprise Proposal at Washington College: Alex and Allison

    Before every session, I am always a little nervous- but I have never been more excited (or nervous) for a session than this one! Excited for my friends, and nervous that something would happen & ruin the surprise.

    I have known Alex and Allison for years- since we were teammates on the Washington College sailing team- which is also where they met! They were teammates and sailing partners (each boat had two people on board.) Over the course of their College sailing Career, Alex and Allison spend countless hours together on their boat, at practice almost every single day.  Their boat always seemed like they were having the best time together, both on and off the water- Alex and Allison just LIGHT UP around each other. 

   It was only fitting that- because not only is it where they met but also where they spent so much time- that this is where Alex decided to propose! They drove over from Virginia for the day, for what Alison had thought was an important ‘Alumni Luncheon’ they were having at the school, and for a tour of the brand new boathouse.


       Alex and Alison then went for a walk down the dock. When they got to ramp, which they had crossed hundreds of time for sailing practice, Alex turned to Alison and got down on one knee. **SPOILER ALERT**  She said YES!!!


     As Alex and Allison turned to walk back down the dock,  there was the sound of cheers as their friends emerged from their hiding place a nearby pavilion, to congratulate them!


If you know Alex and Allison you will probably agree- that these mugs are PERFECT for them!!


 To Alex and Allison: CONGRATULATIONS!!! From the bottom of my heart, I could not be happier for you guys.

Want to see more? Check out Alex and Allisons Sweetheart Session which they did last year with their dog, Maggie


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